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Projects & Producer

Due to the COVID-19 PANDEMIC, the need for electronic communication and remote learning is at an all-time high and is now the catalyst for rethinking traditional annual events.

A New Breed of Communications

The “Faces of Nursing” documentary series “Nursing History–Houston” is two full months of broadcast showing nurses encouraging nurses and other allied healthcare professionals. By celebrating the many faces of Nursing over the last 120 years, nursing professionals will be amazed at how their active roles in caring for others have been pivotal in developing technology, equality, research contributions, and the growth of the Texas Medical Center. This dynamic project is timely and extremely relevant considering the tremendous challenges Nursing has faced in 2020 and into 2021.

The horrific effects of the COVID-19 pandemic devastated the lives of so many individuals and have dictated how we live each day for our own personal safety and those around us. These important protocols brought to light the existing problems organizations were already experiencing in communication. As organizations grew over the years, adapting to new technologies was not a high priority until traditional communications methods were halted by social distance limitations.  The immediate demand for electronic communication during the onset of the pandemic is now becoming the model for new technologies and mobile training. (Seen above: Kelsey McKay with RESPOND Against Violence pre-records training for officers learning important details for first responder interaction with domestic violence calls).

Executive Producer Jon Lindgren will be accompanied by an assortment of professionals for this year's projects to include three associate producers, four broadcast editors, three photoshop specialists, two animators and a number of musicians.  In 2020 alone, Jon Lindgren has produced over 40 training videos for nurses, 20 training videos for law enforcement, and close to 100 inspirational videos for the spiritual care of medical staff. Jon has spent hundreds of hours of field and post productions to better engage the viewer and continue much-needed training and interactive communications, strengthening relationships that have been strained without community.

Jon is a 30-year broadcast producer, award-winning filmmaker, director and a successful creative marketing executive. He founded ViaMedia, an advertising agency and video production company in 1995. Jon Lindgren has garnered industry awards for his creative accomplishments including a 2005 Tribeca Short Film Festival Award for his short film, “An Everyday Hero”, which won first place. His clients have included the national networks of ABC, CBS, NBC, A&E, ESPN, Fox Southwest Sports, PBS and The Discovery Channel, Sportsmen and Versus Channel.

In 2015, he founded Recovery Network & Broadcast Systems, a patient education platform that is an internal broadcast system for hospitals that empowers patients for better recovery. It is the first IPTV broadcast system designed specifically for hospitals to educate patients at the bedside, promoting service standards in break-rooms and generating additional revenue for new broadcast equipment.

Jon Lindgren is also the Founder of DIREC Educational Programming, a 501c3 non-profit organization, which provides, develops and distributes educational broadcast programming for hospitals, schools and the general public.

the local Broadcast Value

Local Programming is in Demand!

With so many broadcast stations across the nation relying on national programming and with local news focusing much of their airtime on crime, there is a void of local programming and community communications. Viewers are often forced online for local engagement and when a meaningful, local programing presents itself, it becomes viral, gathering an immediate audience and a following as it continues to be discovered by more and more viewers for months to come, if not years.

Today most community resources and communications are found online in seconds, unlike past traditional methods which forced an audience to wait until the evening news. Podcasts and on-demand video is the current method for community interaction and is the main reason why this documentary series will be presented in live nightly podcast. It will provide viewers the history and current reality of nursing. It will provide insights, entertainment, and what every live broadcast should offer, free stuff - scholarships, travel gifts, scrubs, and more for both healthcare professionals and nursing students alike.

Recording of Lorraine Frazier, PhD, RN, FAAN, FAHA,
Dean of Columbia University School of Nursing

Nursing History Broadcast Special

How to Participate
For nursing organizations and other healthcare related companies, we welcome photos, old films, and your review of the content in your area of expertise. We want to present the most accurate and positive light of the history of Nursing.

Tell us your story. Your organization can sponsor you to be a part of this wonderful project in several ways that include a passion segments, a personal history segment, and/or a featured episode in one of the six 30-minute programs highlighting the variety of nursing clinical professions.

We welcome you professional organizations and clubs. With your participation, we would also ask for you to please consider a letter of endorsement or participation from your association or network.

We welcome your sponsorship to make the project a success. All donations will be received by DIREC Educational Programming, a 501(c)3 organization. Sponsors will be recognized in the program and its promotion.